In 1956 a consortium of investors purchased a tract of land just to the west of 59th Street and Atlantic Avenue in Virginia Beach. Their purpose was to build a small, secluded community bordering on Crystal Lake and First Landing State Park. The builders formed The Crystal Lake Development Corporation with Dudley Cocke as President/Treasurer and Joseph Kelly as Secretary. Other investors included Duck Braithwaite, Robert Goodman, Richard Goodman and James Standing.

The new development was officially called Princess Anne Hills Park. The project was carried out in four phases spanning over a ten-year period. Early on, the decision was made to name the three main streets of the development Susan Constant, Discovery, and Goodspeed after the three ships which brought settlers to Virginia in 1607. The initial landing was a place, which today is known as First Landing State Park, located approximately one mile distant from Princess Anne Hills. In some historical records the ship, “Godspeed” is spelled “Goodspeed.”

In October 1967, the Princess Anne Hills Civic League was incorporated by the Circuit Court of the City of Virginia Beach.  The initial corporation directors included: Milton O.  Culpepper, J. B. Withers, Jr., T. J. White, George P. Gregory, John B. Preston and E. W. Estes.  In August of 2010, Princess Anne Hills received its IRS tax-exempt status as a 501(c)(4) organization.


A History on the Establishment of Princess Anne Hills