Covenants:  The enforceability of the Princess Anne Hills Covenants has been confirmed via a formal opinion letter by legal counsel.  It is available upon request.

Drainage Committee reportDiscussion and possible developments are being considered and reviewed by the committee and City officials.  Let's hope we don't face any drainage/flooding issues this Fall before the needed resolution.

Landscaping:  A few grasses and annuals will be added in the Fall.

Security:  Officer Daniel R. Ertmann with the Virginia Beach Police Dept. recently reached out to our neighborhood.  He is a member of Community Policing, and as mentioned in our previous update, he wishes to assign an officer to attend one of our meetings.  This is an effort to help establish better communication and relations with area neighborhoods and our local precinct.  We have extended the invitation to Officer Ertmann or a representative to come to our Annual Fall Picnic on Sunday, September 11th.

NO WAKE ZONE- There has been a dramatic increase in the number of boats going too fast, creating wakes in Rainey’s Gut, Stratton Creek, and the canals behind homes in our neighborhood. There have been concerns from several residents who have tried to kindly remind neighbors by posting their own signs.  Please be sure to remind your guests who visit by boat that the canals are No Wake Zones. This applies to jet skis and small water craft as well.  To clearly define:

Slow No Wake

MEANS moving at the slowest speed possible while still maintaining steerage

No wake zones are declared in lake and rivers or water bodies near the shore. Any vessel operating in a speed zone posted as "Idle Speed - No Wake" must operate at the minimum speed that allows you to maintain steering and make headway. (This means no wake whatsoever. Possibly 600-900 RPMs depending on your boat).

Barking Dogs-  There have also been numerous complaints of barking dogs. We love our pets and please be mindful of their safety when leaving them outdoors for periods of time during the day and evening. Dogs bark for a number of reasons and occasional barking is not the issue. A dog that barks incessantly in the early morning, at night, or at any time of day is not only disturbing the peace, but their owners are not being very considerate to surrounding neighbors. See the link below, City codes, Sec. 5-532 Barking Dogs

It is encouraged that you try to speak with the offending neighbor first.  However, if they are not receptive and you feel it is necessary to have an Animal Control Officer respond to a call for service, call dispatch at (757) 385-4444 and select “Option #1.”

NVBCL updates:

At the meeting July 19th, there were two speakers: 

Hurricane Preparedness:

Heather M. Gordon, emergency planner with the Virginia Beach Fire Dept. spoke about hurricane preparedness.  We haven’t had a hurricane in quite some time but we should always be prepared.  There is all of the information you want to know online at

1.Get a Kit- Put your kit together now, well ahead of time. Disaster supplies: water, canned goods, medications, batteries, flashlights, etc. are listed on the website.

2.Make a plan- Evacuation routes, shelters, pets, documents, flood plain management, etc. are also listed

3.Stay informed- Along with traditional news and radio alerts, there are several apps which are free and available to keep you informed.  FEMA Alert, Red Cross, and also VB Alert-

48th Street Pump Station

DeWayne Craddock, project manager, City Public Works Utilities Dept. spoke about the new 48th St. pump station

A new pump station is required due to age. It will remain near the existing site but will be on the other side of the bike path.

The project will begin January 2017 and will run 9-12 months. There will be minor traffic impacts.

VB311- “311” Citizen Services Website is the easiest and most convenient way to connect with all departments, services, and to find the most current information from the City of Virginia Beach.  You can call (757)385-3111, *311, or visit the website, VB311, for quick communication and assistance.  There is a full list of the departments along with important related links.  For instance, the link to Public Warning Systems has all resources listed for obtaining and reporting important emergency information (including the particulars Heather Gordon shared at the NVBCL’s past meeting on emergency preparedness).

I should mention, if there is a need for Landscape Management, Public Works, or another department to address a specific issue in our neighborhood, you can always contact me and I will be glad to take care of it for you.  Although they have been slow to respond to some of my requests lately! I have continued to hound both of these departments to address the overgrowth, sand and debris on Discovery Rd. curves. I’m still working on this.

Event Homes: After feedback from the neighborhood, Board discussion and a Board vote, we have sent our letter in support of the proposed Draft Ordinance with recommendations for greater penalties for abusers of the ordinance. Please contact me if you would like more information.

PA Hills Website:  - All of the information on our website is being brought up to date. Thank you Michelle Laborde for taking your time to do this for the neighborhood!

Dues: Dues notices are being delivered to those who have not yet paid for 2016. Please make checks payable to PAHCL for $30 and deliver to Treasurer, Molly Ford- 424 Susan Constant Dr. Thank you if you have already paid.

Please join us for this year’s Annual Fall Picnic.  You will be receiving an invite in your mailboxes soon.

PAHCL 30th Annual Community Picnic

Sunday September 11th

5 PM

Parcel A, between 521 and 525 Susan Constant Dr.

(Rain date Sunday, September 18th)    

Pollards Chicken, Hot Dogs, Hamburgers, Snacks

Beer, Wine, Soft drinks

Bring a beach chair and a dessert to share

Cost:  Civic League Members $15 per family; non members $20 per family

Free to new families, 2016

Checks payable to PAHCL- mail/drop to Molly Ford, 424 Susan Constant Dr.

We will need a head count for catering, so please reply with the number of adults and children to Molly Ford at  no later than Thursday, September 8th.  We hope you will come!

Calendar Updates:

PAHGC-  Luncheon will be held on Monday, September 26th , 11 AM at Heike Walker’s home- 453 Discovery Rd.

The first meeting will be in September and more details will be forthcoming.  The garden club is open to all Princess Anne Hills residents.  You don’t need to have a green thumb to enjoy socializing and attending some of the fun programs that are being planned for the year ahead. We welcome new neighbors and would love to see more involvement.  Attendance is flexible, so come when your schedule permits. Meetings are generally held on the 4th Monday of the month, with email announcements for time, location and any planned presentations.  If you happen to know a neighbor who would enjoy attending but does not use email, a member will be glad to deliver a flyer with monthly meeting details in their mailbox.

NVBCL meeting- Tuesday, October 18, 2016   7:30PM at the A.R.E. 67th ST.

Halloween Party- Neighbor planned event TBA.  We hope there is interest to coordinate and plan something fun again for this year.  Thank you to the Turkenkopfs and Ramos families for hosting last year’s pre/post trick-or-treating party.

***Oyster Roast- If there is any interest in heading or hosting with the Civic League please contact me. We would like to have this gathering in October, but no dates have been determined for this year.

Have a safe and pleasant Labor Day Holiday!

Best regards,


cell (757-472-4949)