Monday, October 31st

The Ramos Family invites you to meet in their driveway 425 Discovery Rd. at 5PM.  Bring a snack or dish to share before the kids head out to Trick-or- treat. Water and juice will be provided -Adults BYOB

Covenants: The enforceability of the Princess Anne Hills Covenants has been confirmed. You will be receiving information for a proposed change for each of the four sections within PA Hills. This will be a simple change which has been initiated by concerned neighbors with the Board’s support and with proper legal counsel review. Separate correspondence will be arriving by regular mail in the next couple of weeks.

Landscaping Committee: Grasses and annuals have been added to the bed on 62nd Street. Annuals have also been added to Goodspeed and Discovery Roads. Additionally, the Neighborhood Watch sign has been relocated. It is still visible but it looks much better out of the bed, away from the entrance sign.

Drainage Committee- The committee has been in contact with the City Storm Operations Department to discuss potential options to regain accessibility on Goodspeed Rd. after flooding events, in a timelier manner, as what is experienced on Susan Constant, Discovery and 58th Street. The past two storms’ flooding times, depth, and duration have been documented with comparisons of Goodspeed to these neighboring streets. Hopefully, this documentation will help

speed up the process to find a solution now that the Storm Operations Dept. has a better understanding that this is a drainage issue in a specific section of Goodspeed.

Security: The weekend of October 15th , neighbors on all three streets in PA Hills reported strangers knocking on their doors claiming to be selling magazines and books. The Redmill neighborhood had a similar situation this past week where 3-4 people going door to door earlier in the day were likely responsible for several cars being broken into and for property damage to some of these residences later that same night. What a shame that we have to live this way, but it is wise to lock doors, even when home or in the back yard. Always look to see who is at your door before opening, and also remind your children, babysitters, caregivers, etc. Report anything you feel is suspicious.

Princess Anne Hills Garden Club- Don’t forget to save the date for the PAHGC Holiday Party to be held at Belle Monte on Sunday, December 4 th at 7 PM. Thank you Kathy Carter for making these arrangements for PAH neighbors. Invitations with additional details will be delivered in mid-November. We hope you will make plans to attend.

For this October’s meeting, the PAH Garden Club visited the Brock Environmental Center, followed by lunch out after the tour.

PAHGC November meeting: Monday, November 21st, 10:30 AM at the home of Sherry Potts (More details will be sent closer to the date).  Teresa Augustine from the Norfolk Botanical Gardens is going to speak on native plants, with a focus on those which are salt-tolerant.

DUES: Thank you to every household that paid dues for 2016. This is the greatest amount of participation Princess Anne Hills has ever had! A special thanks to our Treasurer, Molly Ford, for all of the time and effort she put forth to help increase dues collection. With nearly every household contributing, we do not have to consider raising dues any time soon.

****The PAHCL Nominating Committee is beginning to work on the proposed 2017 Slate of Officers. We are in need of filling Beth Kulas’ position of Secretary. Please contact Mike Byrnes- , or Beth if you are interested and would like more information about the responsibilities of Secretary. Beth has done so much for the Princess Anne Hills neighborhood over the past 6 years. As busy as Beth is, we are thankful she agreed to stay on the board this past year. She is ready to focus her time on other projects and would be grateful if someone stepped in to take her position.

North Virginia Beach Civic League News: Developer, Bruce Thompson spoke at the October meeting and presented original traffic plans along with an additional one he is proposing for the Cavalier. He wants to modify a section of Atlantic Avenue so that he can re-create The Cavalier Hotel's grand lawn. Most residents seem receptive to the proposed changes but ultimately, the City will have the final say. While outlining his thoughts on the two oceanfront hotels to be built, the main issue and questions Mr. Thompson fielded were with regard to traffic flow and parking.

The PAHCL Board is currently not scheduled to meet again until January, prior to the Annual meeting in February. Note important changes to Annual meeting location and time:

PAHCL Annual Meeting: Sunday, February 12, 2017 at the A.R.E. 67 th St. Presentation begins at 2:30PM- Our speaker will be Mr. Thomas Quattlebaum, a Sea Level Rise Fellow with the Chesapeake Bay Foundation. Meeting to follow presentation 3PM.

Enjoy the season ahead and have a safe and Happy Halloween!

Best regards,

Kate Michaels