Spring 2017 BULLETIN

Dear Neighbors,

One of the goals of the PAH Board of Officers and Directors this past year was to provide as much information as possible, to be transparent with our thought processes on the issues involving and affecting our neighborhood. Updates were sent out following our 2016 Annual meeting and after each quarterly board meeting. While some of the information may have seemed redundant, the hope was to keep neighbors abreast of discussions from board meetings, on current issues, and events, both in our neighborhood and in the North End community. These bulletins are posted on our website, The PAH BOD sets the same goals for 2017 in terms of communication.

Attached are the minutes of the 2017 Annual Membership meeting and here is a summary of what has been accomplished to date:

Board of Directors: Our BOD currently has up to eleven positions that could potentially be filled.  This allows more involvement of new and interested neighbors, keeping it healthy and current with the needs of Princess Anne Hills as it continues to grow. The Membership has voted and approved the Slate of Officers and Directors for 2017-18 as follows:

President- Kate Michaels

Vice President- David Ware

Treasurer- Molly Ford

Secretary- Camilla Savin

Street Representatives:

Susan Constant- Kyle Korte

Discovery- Tom Johnson

Goodspeed- Kari Jacobs


Michelle Laborde

Mike Byrnes (NVBCL liaison)

Erik Zimmerman

Bob Carter

A special thanks to Camilla Savin for filling the position of Secretary, and our tremendous gratitude to Beth Kulas for keeping us on track over the past seven years.

By Laws: With your votes of approval, the Board has updated and created Duties and Responsibilities for all Board positions, which include Street Representatives and the At-Large positions that have never been developed. Additionally, a few minor changes have been made within the By Laws that will provide a consistent and majority operation of the civic league and the Board of Directors. Thank you to the Nominating Committee: (Head) Mike Byrnes, David Ware, and Michelle Laborde.

Landscaping: With Bob Carter’s contributions, we are enjoying the improvements to the bed at the fork of Goodspeed and Discovery. Bob has kindly offered to continue to help maintain and look after it again this year. In addition, a few grasses and annuals were planted last Fall under the entrance sign at 62nd Street, and we will clean it up and add a few plantings this Spring. If anyone on Susan Constant (or on any street) is interested with helping on occasion to water, weed, and maintain the 62nd St. bed in the season ahead, please let me know.

Drainage Committee: The Drainage committee has met several times this year. With two major storms this past Fall, efforts continue to work with Councilman Jim Wood and City official, Tom Knoefal, to record and document the drainage problem in relation to other streets that flank the Princess Anne Hills neighborhood. Presenting this documentation to the proper city officials will hopefully point us in a new direction to find solutions to our recurrent drainage issues. Thank you Michelle Laborde for preparing this presentation, to Tom Johnson, Erik Zimmerman, Mike Byrnes, Joan McEnry, and Chris Jacobs for their time and involvement on this committee, and to Bryan Plumlee and Scott Beck for their future participation in this endeavor.

***Good news, the presentation has been reviewed and a date has been set to meet with the Department of Public Works.

In the North End Community: The Board continues to stay informed and updated on the controversial issues of Event homes, Airbnb, and the Cavalier Complex project. Mike Byrnes, our NVBCL liaison, and I have attended many of the various City Council and public meetings regarding Event homes and the early proposal known as Draft Ordinance #5. In early July, we met with Chairman, Tom Fraim and representatives of the Beaches and Waterways Commission to better understand the issues surrounding Event homes and their position to push for City legislation. We have reached out to our North End neighbors and have worked closely with neighboring Civic League Presidents: Eric Gardner in Bay Colony, Bernice Pope of Cavalier Shores, and Jack Drescher and board members of the NVBCL. We’ve had a variety of discussions, sharing viewpoints and hearing each other’s recommendations on the proposed ordinances. More recently, we put forth a collaborative effort to try to be somewhat unified on each neighborhood’s positions regarding the proposed changes of the Cavalier Complex Project. 

We were glad to have Mr. Thomas Leahy, Deputy City Manager for Infrastructure and Mr. Robert Gey, City Traffic Engineer, give a short presentation at our Annual meeting to clarify the proposal and to answer some of the main questions/concerns regarding the possible Atlantic Avenue closing. 


Event Homes and Short Term Rentals:  Also, at this year’s annual meeting, a discussion was held among residents, sharing opinions on whether or not to consider adding some form of short term rental restrictions to the PA Hills Covenants. This “opinion poll” was to take the pulse of the neighborhood. The proposal involving the Covenants does not fall under the duties and responsibilities of the civic league but rather with the individual homeowners established within the four sections of Princess Anne Hills. While the majority of the Board members are supportive of Ken Silverman’s proposal, (which he presented at the quarterly meeting in October and at the Annual meeting) the suggestion has been made that he proceed independently and lead this charge, going forward. Stay tuned, more information may be forthcoming.

NVBCL: In January, I was appointed to serve as a Director At-Large on the NVBCL Board. With several PAHCL members on the BOD, we will have more representation for our neighborhood. The NVBCL encourages PA Hills residents to get involved in the North End community by becoming a member. If you have interest and have not already joined, please consider doing so. This year’s dues are $15 and the membership application can be found at under the heading Beaches and Recreation. The next general membership meeting is April 25th.

Website:  The Princess Anne Hills website, has been updated by Michelle Laborde. We appreciate the time and effort this required of her to clean it up and make it current. There is an Event page, the updated By Laws, Covenants, Annual Meeting Minutes, Bulletins, and History, etc.

Dues/Directories: This year’s directories have been prepared in a new and less costly format and will be distributed by Street Reps to those who have paid dues for 2017. If you have not done so already, please make checks payable to PAHCL and send your dues of $30 to Treasurer, Molly Ford- 424 Susan Constant Dr.

We thank each household that paid 2016 dues for the greatest participation of civic league membership we’ve had in Princess Anne Hills to date. With a larger number of residents paying dues and Molly’s help in fine tuning the budget, we did not have to consider raising them for 2017.

Social: We had three fun and well attended neighborhood events: The Fall Annual Picnic in September, our Halloween Party at the Ramos home, and the PAHGC’s December Holiday Party which was held at Bella Monte, organized by Kathy Carter. Thanks to everyone for their contributions and for organizing these nice parties.

Enjoy the days ahead, Spring is finally here!

Best regards,

Kate Michaels