Greetings Neighbors!

Hopefully this spring bulletin finds you well.  There are several topics of interest on which to provide updates so let’s get right to it.


We have been informed by Waterway Surveys & Engineering, Ltd. (WSE) that the official survey of Strattons Creek is to be completed during the week of April 8th.  The survey will give us an accurate estimate of the amount of material that will need to be removed from the creek along with an approximate cost for the work.  A meeting will be called so that WSE can present their findings to the community.  At that meeting, a vote will be taken on whether or not to proceed, and the manner in which to do so.  Please make every effort to attend this important meeting.  Look for a separate flyer notification with details of the meeting.


Four months ago your civic league met with city officials and set a timeline to correct the flooding problems on Goodspeed Rd.  It likely doesn’t come as a big surprise that the city will not meet the timeline.  However progress is being made.  Purchase action on the out fall valves has been initiated and are estimated to be installed in 3-4 months.  The cul-de-sac drainage improvements now require an easement which the city is in the process of obtaining.  The engineering for raising the street at the Goodspeed /Discovery intersection is completed.  A wetlands permit is required for the work and it is estimated that it will be 4-5 months before a contract to execute the work is awarded.  We are in the process of scheduling another meeting with city officials to stay on top of this issue.  Many thanks to John Salop for his persistence on this issue.

Note:  many residents of Goodspeed and Discovery have expressed concern about the appearance of the garden bed at this intersection.  Your civic league has determined that no monies should be spent on the renovation of this bed until the street work to be executed in this area has been completed.


Thanks to Scott Beck for volunteering to oversee the renovation of the signage at this entrance to our neighborhood which should be hung during the week of 4/15.  With heightened focus on our community as a result of the Jamestown Anniversary, it will be nice to have fresh signage to greet visitors.


As many of you know there has been a growing interest among most residents to change the name of Goodspeed Road to Godspeed Rd.  The view is that in this 400th anniversary year of Jamestown, and with heightened public attention on our community which is being featured in special presentations due to the homage our street names pay to the ships at The First Landing, this would be a good time to consider changing the name to what is overwhelming considered to be the correct spelling of the ship by both the general public and historical scholars. 

A committee was formed to research the impact of a name change on residential and personal documents and it was found that very little action need be taken by residents as a result of the name change, other than completing the new address form on bill payment envelopes - and even then the post office will honor both spellings for up to a year.  As a test, one resident sent himself postcards with the Godspeed spelling from various locations across the country over a period of a year, and all of them reached his mailbox without delay - due in large part to the relatively minor change of only one letter in the spelling. Passports are not affected as the space for addresses is blank for writing in pencil so that it can be changed since they are good for 10 years.  Deeds would be unaffected. Residents will have to make the change to checks the next time they place an order. Additionally, to determine if Godspeed and Goodspeed weren’t both historically accurate, another resident made an inquiry to Professor Alf Mapp, a renowned retired ODU historical scholar who specializes in Colonial History, and he was kind enough to write a letter stating that while both spellings have been found in print, the spelling of Goodspeed is seen so infrequently that the community of historical scholars unanimously concurs it to be a spelling error and that Godspeed is the correct name of the ship.  The City of Virginia Beach requires 100% approval of all property owners affected in order to make a change to a street name.  To date, of the 45 residents on Goodspeed, there are only 4 in opposition.  The committee is still hoping to reach 100% approval.


Due to our connection to the ships at The First Landing, Princess Anne Hills has been asked to sponsor a booth at the oceanfront festival celebrating the Jamestown anniversary. We are working with Anne Callis for this event.  We need 3 volunteers to work 2-hour shifts:  1 volunteer to work with Ann taylor from 12pm-2pm and 2 volunteers to work from 4pm-6pm on April 28th.  Anne also needs someone with a pickup truck to transport materials to her home after 6pm.  If you can help, please call Fred Arnold at 287-6770.


Did you have the right to contact the Assessor’s Office (385-4601) and request a review if you believe your real estate assessment is too high.  State law requires city council to compute a new lowered real estate tax rate if the new assessment at the current rate causes the tax to exceed the previous tax by more than 1%.  Council must hold a public hearing and the council may set the new tax rate to any value the council chooses.  You may email council at and request that the real estate tax rate be lowered.


Scott Beck