Greetings Neighbors!

Hopefully this spring bulletin finds you well.  There are several topics of interest on which to report so let’s get right to it.


We have been informed by Waterway Surveys & Engineering, Ltd. (WSE) that application for permits were submitted April 14, 2008 and they anticipate a 3-4 month processing period for all permits to be issued.  At that time, WSE will submit the project to contractors for bid, which should take 2-3 weeks to receive back.  WSE still anticipates a start time for the project in early fall with completion of the project in approximately one week after initiation.


To recap, when Section A of PAH was developed, Goodspeed Rd was not sufficiently raised above sea level.  Consequently most of Goodspeed Rd floods during heavy rains making it impossible for emergency vehicles to navigate the road should someone need their assistance.  Since this flooding occurs on a semi-regular basis, this issue is critical. The PAH Civic League and John Salop at the helm has been addressing this issue with the city since 1973. On March 17, 2008, John Salop, Michelle Laborde and I met with Mayor Oberndorf and 3 other city engineers to express our concerns about the pace with which this issue is being addressed. Our meeting with The Mayor has resulted in significant progress!  The three solutions to the flooding issue are:

1) Raising Goodspeed Rd from the point where it starts westward approx 200ft.  This is the most intensive of the corrective measures, as the work requires permits by the DEQ and COE. As of this writing, John Fowler, City Engineer, stated the plans are 90% complete and will be delivered to the permitting agencies by early June.  Permitting process can take 30 days - 4 months.  Funds are already allotted for this project, so once permitting is complete, construction can begin.

2) Replacement of the anti-flood valves.  As of this writing, two new valves for outfalls at 470 & 485 Goodspeed Rd have been installed. ACTION COMPLETE!

3) A new outfall is necessary in the cul-de-sac of Goodspeed Rd where heavy rains remain standing for several weeks.  As of this writing, this work is in progress.  ACTION COMPLETE!

The meeting was fruitful in that we captured the full attention and commitment of Mayor Oberndorf and the City Engineers to accelerate the corrections; indeed two of three of them have since been completed.  We will remain vigilant in our effort to press the city for updates on the progress of raising Goodspeed Rd.


Boaters please note new “No Wake” Signs that include Strattons Creek.  You are urged to please comply and help preserve the community’s bulkheads.

PAH Garden Club reminder

The PAH Garden Club sends a friendly reminder to all residents not to forget your yards need spring-cleaning too!  Please help keep our neighborhood beautiful.


Thanks to all who have paid their 2008 Civic League dues. Reminder, if you have not paid your dues of $25, please do so. Your payment saves paper and time on delivering past due notices.  We appreciate your consideration. Please mail or deliver payments to the Sec/Treas at 464 Goodspeed Rd.

ANNUAL MEETING HELD JANUARY 27, 2008    Highlights:

Our outgoing civic league president, Scott Beck, was recognized for the significant accomplishments achieved as a result of efforts by the entire Board of Directors and select residents of our community under his leadership during his two-year tenure.  They include:

1) To ensure future navigability on Strattons Creek, a consultant was hired who performed a survey to identify problem areas, provided an estimate of dredging, is obtaining permits and will secure contractor bids to perform the dredging. Money was collected from 61 out of 69 residents.  Permits are in process and work is expected to begin in the fall.

2) All three Princess Anne Hills signs have been professionally refurbished.

3) ”No Wake Signs” located in Rainey’s Gut now in include Strattons Creek.

4) As a safety precaution, dead tree limbs have been culled from the Parcel A picnic lot, and liability insurance has been purchased to cover any accidental event on this property.

5) PAH website has been established and should be fully functional in the near future.

6) Required changes to PAH Civic League By-Laws have been instituted.

The Board of Directors pledges to make every effort to maintain the integrity of our community. We appreciate and need the support and cooperation of each resident to achieve this goal.


Mike Byrnes