Greetings Neighbors!

Hopefully this spring bulletin finds you well.  There are several topics on which to report:


As you may recall, we received permit approval but then the DEQ & the COE closed the Oceana Blvd. spoils site to all depositors, including the City of Virginia Beach (CoVB). The only other site is in Chesapeake which would have increased our costs over $10,000 therefore your Civic League board unanimously voted in favor of waiting to see if the Oceana site would reopen. The DEQ and COE determined that the CoVB must meet certain requirements over a period of years, and an agreement has been reached between the 3 agencies. Our consultant, Waterway Surveys & Engineering, Ltd. (WSE) was then hired by the CoVB to prepare an application to submit to the DEQ and the COE to reopen the Oceana site for dredging waste. Upon receipt of the application, the DEQ and COE require 30-60 days for due diligence. Approval of the application is anticipated. Our dredging permit remains valid. WSE now anticipates a mid-summer start time for the project. Waterways will remain open during dredging.


To recap, when PAH was developed, Goodspeed Rd was not sufficiently raised above sea level.  Consequently the entrance to Goodspeed Rd floods during heavy rains making it impossible for residents and, most importantly, emergency vehicles to reach the homes located beyond the entrance.  Since this flooding occurs on a semi-regular basis, this issue is critical.  On March 17, 2008, John Salop, Michelle Laborde and I met with Mayor Oberndorf and 3 city engineers to express our concerns about this issue. Since that meeting, 2 of the 3 solutions to the flooding issue have been completed: the replacement of anti-flood valves, and the installation of a new outfall in the Goodspeed Rd cul-de-sac.  The third (and most critical) solution to allow emergency vehicle passage during periods of flooding is the raising of Goodspeed Rd which requires that plans be submitted to, and permits granted by the DEQ and COE. As of this writing, Heather Ham, asst. City Engineer, stated that upon completion of the plans it became evident that the drainage solutions are more involved than originally anticipated to alleviate the impassable flooding to a point at which emergency vehicles can pass to residents on Goodspeed Rd. For this reason, the City Engineers Office must submit their revised plan to the City Council which will decide if the plan can be approved or must go to public hearing. This process will likely take 3-6 months.


Thanks to all who have paid their 2009 Civic League dues. Reminder, if you have not paid your dues of $25, please mail or deliver payments to the Sec/Treas at 464 Goodspeed Rd.


If you’d like to participate, call Fritz Meyer at 491-1419 for details.

At a recent meeting of the PAH Civic League Board of Directors, the following was discussed and approved:

Neighborhood Bulletin going digital!

Since the vast majority of residents have email and online access, the bulletins will now be emailed to all residents and posted on the PAH website at  Signs will be placed at each entrance that will read, “Current bulletin now available online at”. This effort will save time, money and trees! As a test, this bulletin was emailed to all addresses on file; if you received it via email no further action is necessary.  If you did not receive it via email and would like to, please email Michelle at with “email bulletin” in the subject line.

Speed Signs

Due to several complaints about excessive speeding in the neighborhood, it was decided that electronic speed signs will be placed on Susan Constant Dr. and Goodspeed Rd. for a period of time as a self-check for residents.  The BOD hopes this effort will be sufficient to resolve the speeding issue so that an increase in patrol car traffic will not be necessary.

Bed Maintenance

The garden beds at both entrances have long been a source of struggle for the neighborhood to maintain.  These spots should be the first sign to residents and their guests that we take pride in our community.  The maintenance of these beds has always been dependent upon the volunteer efforts of residents and usually falls on the shoulders of a select few.  The BOD agreed to solicit bids from lawn maintenance companies to take over this responsibility.  One bid has been received of $450/year to maintain the beds and mow Parcel A as needed. If anyone would like to solicit and submit additional bids, please contact Michelle Laborde for details by June 5, 2009.  If no one expresses an interest in obtaining additional bids, the first bid will be awarded the job. (Note:  Special thanks to Bob Carter who has given so generously of his time and money to maintain the Goodspeed Rd bed for the last several years).

The Board of Directors pledges to make every effort to maintain the integrity of our community. We appreciate and need the support and cooperation of each resident to achieve this goal.


Mike Byrnes