Spring 2016 BULLETIN

We had our first quarterly Board meeting of the year on March 17 th and attached are the Minutes. We have formed subcommittees for the issues that continue to be of biggest concern to our neighborhood. Below is a quick summary of what has been accomplished to date:

Covenants- Our preliminary findings show that the Covenants are enforceable and a formal opinion letter is being prepared.

Drainage Committee- Formerly titled the Flooding Committee, has had two meetings. Heads: Joan McEnry and Michelle Laborde, Erik Zimmerman, Chris Jacobs, Tom Johnson, and Mike Byrnes.

After initial inquiries with the city and elected representatives, the committee has determined that to garner city action on drainage and flooding for the entire neighborhood all at once is not realistic given the scope of water-related issues with which the city is currently dealing. It has been determined that to approach the issue piece-meal will not overwhelm them and thus be more effective in reaching the end goal. To that end, the consensus is that the areas which have the biggest drainage problems (namely, Goodspeed Rd) need to be addressed first, then areas with lesser drainage problems before addressing flooding issues which fall into a macro city-wide category. Hiring a private engineer would be helpful and while it is true that big picture studies need to be done, this would be very costly and is likely not what is needed for the small contained areas which currently have the largest drainage issues, so this action will be reserved for future option if it becomes necessary. The committee is actively seeking assistance from the City and from Councilman Jim Wood. Deadlines have been set by the committee to keep things moving along if Councilman Wood has not met with them by mid-May.

Landscaping- Betsy Roberts (Head), Lori Dabul, Michelle Laborde and Kate Michaels.

The effort to improve the entrance signs and landscaping in the neighborhood has been a topic of conversation for many years. While it was approved at the Annual meeting to put additional Civic League money into maintaining the beds, there is careful consideration going into the project. All options are being explored to keep costs reasonable. One possibility is to raise the funds for improvements and new signage independently, starting with donations and volunteers from our neighborhood who are willing to help. Michelle Laborde has contacted Billy Almond who suggested a meeting with Kay Wilson, City Attorney, to be better informed of city codes with regard to landscaping and signage before we continue. That meeting is being planned. Additionally, bids will be sent to up to three landscape companies for a plan to build up the existing beds along with a simple variety of evergreen, salt tolerant and low maintenance plantings. There is no time line for this project. However, it is the committee’s intention to make ongoing progress in the planning stage.


Kari Jacobs will be helping with a Newsletter. Quarterly is probably not necessary but we hope to get one out to the neighborhood once or twice during the year. Important news and information will still be shared via email bulletins as we have always done.


Warm weather brings everyone out and about and the issue was recently raised again about the speeding picking up in our neighborhood. On Saturday, April 16th a Lowes truck hit and damaged a neighbor’s retaining wall due to a speeding car leaving the neighborhood at the S turn of 59 th and the fork at Goodspeed and Discovery Rd. Unfortunately, this is the second time the wall has been damaged due to speeding in less than a year. This is a dangerous turn to begin with. Large trucks, in particular, always have to be cautious and there is very little room for error if they are distracted by speeding residents.

Please kindly remind your kids and their friends who are driving, landscapers and construction workers, et al. to be mindful of their speed. Additionally, please watch where we park along curves around which there is poor visibility and always watch for children at play.

Directories have been delivered. If you have paid dues for this year, there will be a PAID stamped on your directory. For those who still need to pay, there is a notice to forward your 2016 dues of $30 to Molly Ford, Treasurer. Please make checks payable to PAHCL and deliver to Molly’s home address: 424 Susan Constant Dr.

We encourage those who have not paid dues to please consider doing so. The directories we print alone are an expense. Each household’s contribution allows us greater opportunity to make improvements to our neighborhood. It helps to fund projects we consider worthwhile and makes them more achievable. We all benefit, as these improvements only help to add value to our properties, making Princess Anne Hills an appealing and more desirable place to live.

Listed below are the Civic League Board of Directors, updated with their contact information. The calendar has also been included with no additions or changes.

Enjoy these nice days of Spring!

Princess Anne Hills Civic League Board of Directors 2016

President- Kate Michaels 757-472- 4949

Vice President- David Ware 757-435- 2664

Secretary- Beth Kulas 757-348- 9684

Treasurer- Molly Ford 757-478- 3965

Street Representatives:

Susan Constant- Kyle Korte 757-434- 1789

Discovery- Tom Johnson 757-619- 7894

Goodspeed- Kari Jacobs 757-287- 2521


Mike Byrnes- 757-434- 3200

Bob Carter- 757-434- 4393

Michelle Laborde- 757-469- 6389

Erik Zimmerman- 757-754- 9550

Representative to the NVBCL- Mike Byrnes


PAHCL- March Quarterly Board Meeting

NVBCL- (North Virginia Beach Civic League) meetings, 3rd Tuesday at 7:30 PM, 67th street, A.R.E. library- April 19, 2016

PAHCL- June Quarterly Board Meeting

NVBCL- July 19, 2016

Fall Picnic- Parcel A, Sunday, September 11, 2016 at 5 PM   (Rain date -Sept. 18th)

NVBCL- October 18, 2016

Halloween Party- Neighbor planned event (falls on a Monday, October 31,  2016)

PAHCL- November Quarterly Board Meeting

PAHGC- Garden Club Holiday Party, TBA (usually 1st Sunday in December)

PAHCL- January Quarterly Board Meeting

PAHCL Annual meeting- Sunday, February 12, 2017 at A.R.E. at 3 PM   Speaker TBD