Summer 2016 BULLETIN

It has been a busy start to Summer so far and we hope everyone had a great 4th ! Here are updates from our June Board meeting along with additional news and information that is happening in our community.

Covenants: The first draft of the Covenant Opinion Letter was reviewed at our June meeting. The final draft is near completion and will be sent to the neighborhood soon.

Drainage Committee: Committee members have reached out to Jim Wood and several officials who have been recommended for further contact regarding issues in our neighborhood and on area studies. More information will be provided once the Drainage committee has had an opportunity to report their progress.

Landscaping: Thank you Bob Carter for re-establishing the bed at our entrance of 59 th Street!

We have also been weeding and have added plantings to the bed on 62 nd . In the Fall, our thought is to add a few native grasses which will survive in salt water and tend to be heartier and more easily maintained. Discussions over changing the signage still continue. Now that the North End has gone through the process of getting their signs, the City has guidelines that we can work off of in designing something similar, if we wish to pursue. In the meantime, we are enjoying the improvements! Also, thank you to Liam Brackman who continues to mow Parcel A.

Security: Once again, there have been several incidents of items being stolen from cars and garages. It is alarming to learn that this past week, there was a home in Bay Colony that was robbed with its residents inside the home. Please remember to lock up when you are not home and consider doing so even if you are in your back yard. It is unfortunate, but we must all be attentive. Don’t hesitate to report anything that you feel is suspicious.

Coincidentally, Officer Daniel R. Ertmann with the Virginia Beach Police Dept. at the 2 nd precinct,

recently reached out to our neighborhood. He is a member of Community Policing and wishes to assign an officer to attend one of our meetings or gatherings. This may help us to establish better communication and relations with our local precinct. We responded to his recent request and have extended an invitation to his officers with some dates in hopes they will possibly attend our September picnic or annual meeting.

Event Homes: You will be receiving a separate letter with additional information regarding Event Homes and the proposed regulations of Draft Ordinance #5.

For those who are not familiar, an Event Home is a large home built specifically to be used for large gatherings or events, such as weddings, family reunions, etc. Our board, along with the NVBCL and neighboring civic league boards are working to form a unified position based on our review of the Draft Ordinance #5 proposed by Chairman, Tom Fraim and the Beaches and Waterways Commission. We will be reporting to you in more detail prior to the scheduled public forums to be held the week of July 18 th -22 nd . See schedule and ocations below if you wish to attend one of these public meetings.

Beach Dog Training: The NVBCL has had a special meeting requested by dog trainers and participants who wish to continue working on control exercises leashed/unleashed on our beaches. There are safety issues involved and the trainers/participants wish to have signs posted with rules for dogs and their owners. While there are plenty of those in favor of these signs, many also feel we do not need any more signage cluttering the posts of our walkways. Regulation of these rules are also hard to enforce.

Calendar Reminders/Changes:


HOUSES: JULY 18 TH -22 ND All begin at 6PM

Monday, July 18th- Virginia Aquarium, General Booth Blvd.

Tuesday, July 19th- Wyndham 57 th St.

Wednesday, July 20th- Virginia Beach Resort and Conference Center, Shore Dr.

Thursday, July 21st- Meyera E. Oberndorf Central Library, Virginia Beach Blvd.

Friday, July 22 nd - Sandbridge United Methodist Church, Sandbridge Beach

July 19 th - NVBCL meeting, 7:30 PM at A.R.E. 67 th St.

July 23 rd - Neighborhood Cook Out in the cul de sac of Discovery Rd. (More details have been sent separately)  No rain date

SEPTEMBER FALL PICNIC: PARCEL A- Sunday, September 11 th (Rain date Sunday, September 18 th )



PAHGC HOLIDAY PARTY: Sunday, December 4 th at Bella Monte. 7PM

ANNUAL MEETING: Sunday, February 12, 2017 at the Princess Anne Country Club, 3PM

Speaker to be announced. Proposed Topic- Flood and Sea Level Studies and our progress in this