Click here to email the Princess Anne Hills Board of Directors


President            David Ware  757-435-2664

Vice President    Kyle Korte  757-428-1898

Secretary            Camilla Savin  757-739-0681

Treasurer            Molly Ford  757-478-3965

Street Captains:

Goodspeed Rd          Betsy Roberts 757-646-0422

Discovery Rd             Tom Johnson 757-619-7894

Susan Constant Dr    Kevin Hartz 757-816-9005

At Large:

Kate Michaels, Past President  757-472-4949

Michelle Laborde  757-469-6389

Mike Byrnes (also PAH representative to the NVBCL)  757-434-3200

Kari Jacobs - 757-287-2521

Emergency Numbers

Police, Fire, Rescue Squad:    911

Police 2nd Precinct:     385-5616

National Poison Center:     800-222-1222

Virginia Poison Center:     800-552-6337

Virginia State Police:     800-582-8350

Virginia Power Emergency:     888-667-3000

Virginia Natural Gas Emergency:   877-572-3342

City of Virginia Beach Hot Line:   385-4111

Annual dues for the Princess Anne Hills Civic League are $30 payable to the Treasurer.

A sincere attempt has been made to provide the most accurate information.  Kindly report any errors to the Secretary.