Princess Anne Hills Civic League

2006 Annual Meeting Minutes

January 29, 2006

The annual meeting of the Princess Anne Hills Civic League was held on Sunday 29 January 2005 at the ARE at 3 p.m.

The President asked the Sec/Treas to read the minutes of the 2005 Annual Meeting, which were approved,  and to give the Treasurer’s report and the Security report.  The minutes were read and approved. The treasure’s report indicated a balance of $11231.55; the Virginia Beach Police Dept. reported 3 incidents in Princess Anne Hills in 2005, compared to 6 incidents reported in 2004.

Old Business:

Roddy Update:  The President report that the lawsuit enacted by Mr. and Mrs. Rody to subdivide their property and build/sell a new house on the new lot had been dismissed.  He surmised that the requirement that each resident would have to be served the lawsuit rather than only the Crystal Lake corporation proved prohibitive to pursue.  He added that it would still be possible for the Rody’s to resume litigation and that we must therefore be vigilant in our efforts to keep abreast of movements in this direction.  He continued that some members of the Board had expressed concern about the state and enforceability of the covenants as currently written, and that in response a group was assigned the task of researching the options for strengthening the covenants.

Goodspeed Drainage Project:  The Sec/Treas. gave an historical summary of project:  Goodspeed Rd was approved $750,000 for 3 pumping stations, 1 was installed and the other 2 were stopped due to conflicts about their placement on the street which led to a change in plan to a gravity flow system.  This process depleted the budget.  The Sec/Treas. reported that at this time the city has the project slated for the June 1 2006 allocation of funds so we should therefore see some action by late summer/fall.  It was also reported that the current station is operational but has not yet been tested by a storm of consequence.

New Business:

Strattons Creek Dredging:  The President reported that several residents on Strattons Creek have indicated that the silt has reached levels which are interfering with navigation.  He suggested that we begin to look at this issue as a neighborhood, possibly hiring an engineering firm to asses the situation.  He indicated that the new Board of Directors will pursue the issue further and anyone interested in participating in this issue should contact a member of the new Board of Directors.  The President asked for further comments/concerns, none expressed.

North End Civic League and PA Hills:  John Wilson, a member of the North End an Princess Anne Hills Civic Leagues, and resident of PA Hills , presented the unique relationship that PA Hills has with the North End community as a whole and pointed out that PA Hills residents are affected directly and indirectly by most issues that the NECL concerns itself with.  Wilson suggested that more residents of PAHills attend NECL meetings, and that a member of PAHills Civic League be appointed to attend NECL meetings so that PAHills Civic League can keep the PAHills residents abreast of any issues on which the NECL is taking formal positions that affect our neighborhood directly or indirectly.  The proposed idea was reiterated by The President but a motion was not made.

Goodspeed Rd. name change to Godspeed Rd.:  Chuck Hudson expressed his desire to have the street name changed to Godspeed Rd to give an accurate historical perspective in relation to the rest of the neighborhood.  He wants to establish a committee to have it changed.  Discussion ensued about the previous effort to have this change made (which was ultimately rejected) and the implications of having the name changed (all formal documents have to be changed, e.g., checks, bills, bank statements, etc.).  Mr. Hudson agreed to research the implications of a name change for the residents and will share his findings with them.

The President announced the nomination of officers for 2006:

President:  Scott Beck

VP:  Howard Gill

Sec/Treas:  John Salop/Michelle Laborde

Goodspeed Rd Rep:  Witt Cotten

Discovery Rd Rep: Fred Arnold

Susan Constant Rep:  Chris Martin

The slate was accepted by unanimous vote.

Our guest speaker was Councilman Richard Maddox, who discussed zoning and it’s relationship to house and lot size as well as maintaining the character and integrity of neighborhoods; an update on BRAC, reporting that certification from BRAC won’t likely happen until March 2006 or later; and updates on the 30-31st St. Gateway, the lot on Laskin Road and burying electrical wires.

The meeting adjourned at 4:15 pm followed by refreshments which included light appetizers, coffee and wine.