Princess Anne Hills Civic League 2007 Annual Meeting


The annual meeting of the Princess Anne Hills Civic League was held on Sunday, January 28 2007 at the ARE at 3 pm.

The President asked the Sec/Tres to read the minutes of the last meeting and deliver the Treasurer and Security reports.  The minutes were read and approved. The treasury balance reported on hand was $12,705.26.  The Virginia Beach Police reported 10 incidents as compared to 3 incidents in 2006.

The first order of business was the issue of strengthening the covenants of the civic league in order to increase the enforceability of set back restrictions.  Allan Beasley reported that he contacted David Hay whose specialty is real estate, and had him review the 4 deed restrictions.  He reported that David Hay said they are all basically the same and the bottom line is that the restrictions the civic league has are enforceable which covers expansion, property division and separate building construction e.g., sheds/garages etc.

Next order of business regarded the legalization of the use of golf carts within the neighborhood.  To address this issue, our guest speakers were introduced.  Virginia Beach City Police Officers Cicaro and two others presented the city’s position.  They reported that the city can pass an allowance to make golf carts legal on roadways on which they are currently illegal, however only one allowance has been passed by the city for Heron’s Ridge.  They noted that because Princess Anne Hills has more than one entrance, and that since both exits directly onto Atlantic Ave with a speed limit in excess of 30 mph, our neighborhood would have a hard time getting an allowance passed.  Member John Wilson also added that homeowners or auto policies do not cover the liability of golf carts.  They require a “specialty vehicle” policy which may or may not cover them depending on the carrier.  He suggested that residents ask for coverage of golf carts in writing from their carriers and that beyond this, use of golf carts is at the owner’s risk.

Attendees inquired about steps to be taken to avoid an accident of pedestrians not stopping at stop signs on feeder roads.  Officer Cicaro suggested education in community publications.  A suggestion was made for signs on the feeder road reminding pedestrians they are subject to road laws.  Officer Cicaro made a note to check on this suggestion, as well as the hedge blocking driver’s view on 59Th and feeder.  Finally, an inquiry was made about the legality of a homeowner putting No Parking signs in front of their house for what is legally the city set back.  Officer Cicaro reported that any signage must be city issued and offenders could be reported to the Zoning Department.

The third item of business was the Stratton Creek dredging issue.  The President reminded the attendees that the futures of property values are threatened by a waterway that becomes partially or entirely unnavigable in a waterfront community.  He reported that a significant shoal had been identified and currently the average depth and mean low tide is 4’, which is dangerously low.  An inquiry had been made to the city for engineers and of those referred, John Walsh of Waterways and Engineering was the most competitive.

Mr. Walsh was present to give an initial opinion and answer questions.  He reported that there would be a few thousand cubic yards to be removed, and that the city has identified a new bar pit area for spoils, which is good for new permit applications.  His company has worked with the city on other projects and doesn’t do actual dredging but manages the process.  First step is a survey at a cost of $3000 to define all areas of concern and determine the fixed costs of the dredging, then the permitting process, which takes about 6 months.  Member Pete Mooz made a motion to have the survey done and paid for by the Civic League; the motion was approved with two dissensions.

Next order of business was the Goodspeed Rd drainage issue.  Scott Beck reported that the city was to change the valves by the end of March; a title search was complete for the flooding in the cul de sac and drainage was to be done by April; and the flooding at the intersection of Goodspeed and Discovery was to be addressed by raising the road and installing an additional drainage pipe and this was slated to be complete by the end of September.  He further reported that the request to raise the entire street had been submitted to the city and they are taking it under advisement.

Next the Vice President Howard Gill reported that a policy is now in place to protect Parcel A with 1 million dollars of liability at a cost of $461/year.

Concerning Goodspeed Rd name change, Howard Gill researched requirements and implications that he will compile into a notice to be distributed before beginning the project of getting signatures.

Finally, John Salop called for the institution of officers.  The nominations were carried by unanimous vote as follows:

President – Scott Beck

Vice-President – Howard Gill

Sec/Tres – Michelle Laborde

Security Officer – John Salop

Board of Directors: Jeff Wermers (Goodspeed Rd), Fred Arnold (Discovery Rd), Chris Martin (Susan Constant)