Princess Anne Hills Civic League

2008 Annual Meeting Minutes

The annual meeting of the Princess Anne Hills Civic League was held on Sunday, January 27, 2008 at the ARE at 3 pm.

The President, Scott Beck,  asked that the minutes of the last meeting be read and the minutes were read and approved.  The Vice-President, Howard Gill, delivered the Treasurer reports.  The Civic League treasury balance reported on hand was $10,384.59, and the Dredging Project balance was $74, 487.72.  The Security Officer, John Salop, reported that the Virginia Beach Police reported 24 incidents in 2007 as compared to 10 incidents in 2006 in our neighborhood.

The first order of business was the status of the Dredging Project for Stratton Creek by  President Beck.  Pledges from property owners were received and deposited in a special account allowing the Dredging Project to proceed.  On November 19, Waterway Surveys and Engineering, Ltd (WSE) was authorized to start the permit and application process.  On January 24 they reported that the application is almost complete along with the due diligence and plans, and they expect to submit it to the Virginia Marine Resources Commission by early February.  They expect approval of permits in approximately six months, with work starting in August or September and completion about 45 days after that.  After dredging is completed, the city will require restoration of the right-of-way on Susan Constant Drive used to transfer the spoils from barge to truck.  In response to questions about use of the creek during dredging, that issue will be addressed with WSE; a decision may be needed regarding dredging in August at a lower price or delaying dredging until October at a higher price.  Comments from those in attendance requested that the minutes include acknowledgment and appreciation of the fine work by President Scott Beck in leading this project. 

Next order of business was the Goodspeed Rd drainage issue.  John Salop noted some background on this issue dating to around 1972 when drainage was a problem.  John said that with the dredging of Long Creek and the loss of wetlands in areas such as the Harris Teeter grocery store, the tide is higher now than in the past.  Nor’easters such as the twin storms ten years ago caused the tide to rise to very high levels resulting in property damage.  John noted that the meeting minutes for last year were optimistic–nothing has been done by the city on the drainage project since then.  The funds identified for the project were used by the city for other purposes.  The plans at this point are to build another outfall at the cul de sac since water accumulates there due to rain; the easement from the property owner has been secured and the city plans to do the work in-house but there is no schedule for construction.  Regarding the J-valves for the existing outfalls, the city plans to purchase two for outfalls located at 470 and 493 Goodspeed Rd, to clean the outfalls and to install plastic pipe; but there is no schedule for completion.  The plans for the end of Goodspeed Rd involve raising the roadbed with 15 inches of macadam (or asphalt), but the city needs environmental permits so new plans must be drafted.  Some suggested contacting the newspaper or our city councilman, Jim Woods for help.  Chuck Hudson said it is a travesty that Woods is not here for the third year in a row to hear our concerns. 

The third item of business was a request from Scott Beck that all residents share responsibility for enforcing the community’s covenants and the city’s zoning ordinances regarding issues such as setback restrictions.  As Scott noted, we have a unique place to live and should all work to understand our special set of covenants–ask what your neighbor plans to do and refer to the covenants for any questions. 

Scott Beck then recapped the last few years for our civic league, mentioning the on-going dredging effort as well as new signage for No Wake zones on Crystal Lake and Stratton Creek, refurbished signs at the entrances to our community and the liability insurance policy for the Civic League to cover our Parcel A. 

Finally, Scott Beck referenced our by-laws which were framed years ago and still work for us.  Those by-laws set a term limit of two years for the president and require a nominating committee to propose a slate of officers for consideration by the general membership.  This year, a nominating committee of Howard Gill, John Salop and Fred Arnold proposed the following candidates:

President:  Mike Byrnes

Vice-President:  Howard Gill

Secretary/Treasurer:  Michelle Laborde

Board of Directors:  Jeff Wermers, Section A (Goodspeed Rd.), Fred Arnold, Section B (Discovery Rd.), Chris Martin, Section C (Susan Constant Dr.)

There were no nominations from the floor.  Tom Brown made a motion to accept the candidates proposed; Peter Mooz seconded that motion.  The nominations were carried by unanimous vote.

Mike Byrnes thanked the attendees for the opportunity to serve again as President.  He noted one item of concern that should be of interest to all residents: the need to carry in our vehicles a “Life Hammer” or tool to break auto glass in the event the vehicle goes into one of the bodies of water in our neighborhood.  He mentioned sources for these tools and will publish more information on them later.

Howard Gill noted that annual dues are $25 this year and include a neighborhood directory.  He also asked that the minutes reflect that those in attendance commend Scott Beck for his two years of service as the President and that he will continue to lead the Dredging Project with President-elect Mike Byrnes’ support.

As a final note, Betty Mooz mentioned that real estate tax records appear to have been changed to only reflect male names as property owners, even when real estate is owned jointly by a husband and wife.  Tina Minter noted appreciation for our newer and younger neighbors for initiating events such as Halloween gatherings and caroling at Christmas.  She hopes that will continue.

The meeting adjourned at 3:43 pm.