Princess Anne Hills Civic League

2011 Annual Meeting Minutes

The annual meeting of the Princess Anne Hills Civic League was held on Sunday, February 13, 2011 at the ARE at 3 pm. Approximately 40 neighbors attended the meeting.

President Pete Pearson called the meeting to order and asked for a moment of silence to honor neighbors who had passed away in the past year: Sarah Fentress, Wanda Frazee, Bernie Joy, Sam White, and Betty Wolf.

Mr. Pearson read the minutes of the last meeting; the minutes were approved.

Mr. Pearson reviewed the balance in the treasury:

Opening Balance: 11,763.12

Money in: $1,220.56

Money out: $1,901.21

In the past year we became an official tax-free civic league entity, a 503C4.

We incurred a cost of $850 when we officially became tax free and paid an extra

fee because we had money that was above the threshold limit for a civic league.

That money was taxed.

The picnic brought in $320 and the civic league spent $390. These changes were


John Salop gave us a security update noting there were 13 security incidents in

2010 and that the police record no longer shows where an incident occurred within

the neighborhood.

Howard Gill gave an update on the finances of the dredging and a history of the

project. For new members, in early 2007 the civic league approved $3,000 to

survey Stratton’s creek. 10 sections were determined to be problems at the mean

low tide. Bids were requested and the Civic League chose Salmons Dredging Inc to

perform the service. The civic league requested that each house pay contribute to

the cost of the dredging with a different price for properties on the creek and off

the creek. 61 creekfront and 24 non-creekfront families contributed a total of

$75,605 to the project. We then faced 3 yrs of delays from the city and various

entities but were finally able to proceed in late 2010 and the project has now been

completed. The boats remained after the project for a few weeks but are gone


Because of the project delay, $7,057 was earned in interest. We paid $23,000

fees for engineering and surveying and $2,000 for the dump site (shared a $4,000

fee with another client for being the first to use the dump once the city opened

it). This left $12,108.26 of which $5,500 was paid to the waterways commission

and $3,550 was paid to civic league for previous advances. This means $3,751.26 is

left over.

Q What will be done with the leftover money? We will see if any is leftover for

sure and then the board will decide what to do with it. It is possible we will owe

some back taxes on interest paid on the dredging money depending on what the

IRS does when they get the required payment from this year. Filing for official

status as a Civic League limits how much money we are allowed to keep in a bank

account and how much we are allowed to make (e.g. interest) without spending. So a

payment was required this year and it is unclear if the IRS will think one was

required the last few years when none was made. The board will decide what to do

with the money when the project is truly complete and the tax implications are


Comment: We want to extend a large Thank You to Howard and Scott Beck for

making this happen. It has been more of a process than we ever expected and it is

wonderful to have someone stick with it. We also want to thank to Michelle and

Howard for tracking the money for this project. Finally we want to thank Dick

Hiles for allowing us to use his property as a transfer site for removing the

dredged material from the canal.

We had a standing ovation to demonstrate our thanks.

Q: Is whole canal clean? It should be. The parts that were deemed necessary to

dredge by the study were dredged, but not every spot in the canal was dredged.

Q: How long is it good for? The rate of silting in should be reduced now from what

it has been because everyone has to bulkhead now. They don’t really give an answer

about how long it will last, but with maintenance dredging we should be able to

avoid doing something this big again. Having been through all this will give us

priority in the future to maintain the waterway.

Q: What is the tidal swing? On average 34-35 inches.

Pete introduced our guest speaker: City Council Representative for our area, Jim

Wood who answered questions from residents.

Back to Business part of the meeting:

Pete introduced the changes in the Civic League by-laws for approval by the Civic

League members present. The changes included:

1. Secretary/Treasurer has been 1 position since the beginning of the civic

league. It was proposed to split this into 2 positions to reduce the burden

on any one person.

2. There were two things out of date that were changed:

a. There were 2 directors from each of 4 sections A, B, C and D. C

and D are on Susan Constant, so we have combined those sections

to correspond to the streets – Goodspeed, Susan Constant,

Discover and others.

b. We now have 1 director from each.

3. We are changing dues to $30 per family per year for next year.

4. Officer duties have moved to the appendices of the by-laws.

5. President was responsible for reserving a hotel which no longer exists.

This was deleted from the by-laws

These changes were put to a vote, Bob gave proxies to Pete, and the changes

passed unanimously.

Next officers were elected:

John Wilson – President

Pete Pearson – VP

Beth Kulas – Secretary

Molly Ford – Treasurer

Street Captains:

Scott Bleakley – Goodspeed Rd

Kate Michaels – Discovery and other streets

David Ware – Susan Constant

A motion was made to accept the slate, it was seconded, there was no discussion

and the slate passed unanimously.

Other Business:

The issue of speeding on Goodspeed Rd was raised by a concerned resident. It was

noted that Birdneck Point and Croatan have signs that list a $200 fine for

speeding. Scott Bleakley said we are on a list to get one of those flashing signs

that shows your speed and we can work with the city to have a traffic calming

program. He will follow up on this.

We recognized John Salop’s years of work and dedication to the civic league with a

card signed by attendees. We all wanted to thank the outgoing board members.

The meeting was adjourned by Pete Pearson, now VP.

Howard Gill submitted the following to be included in the bulletin:

Greetings to you all,

I only wish I could have orchestrated a proper and fitting "thank you" ceremony

for the Civic League meeting today, but I have frequently been guilty of being "a

day late and a dollar short". SO, even though it is not publicly observed by those

who attended today's meeting, I wish to acknowledge the outstanding contribution

each of you have made to P.A.Hills Civic League well-being over the recent months

and years, for what it is worth:

Pete, your selfless contribution of time in both areas of,

1.) procuring our tax-exempt status with IRS and

2.) the humongous effort in successfully re-writing the civic league by-laws

is unbelievable and very much appreciated. Thanks from all of us.

Michelle, your tireless dedication to do the jobs of both, Secretary and Treasurer

for, what? 6 or 7 years? is truly beyond the call of community "spirit" - and

especially being faithful to a quarterly newsletter with enhanced format, as well as

agressively seeking to get us in the 21st century with the use of email, does not

even come close to all the work you have done in keeping the Directory up to date.

Thank you so much!

Scott, Job has nothing on you. No one I know could have been as patient and slow

to anger as you during this 3-year nightmare pursuit of dredging Stratton Creek.

Your perseverance and tact is truly commendable, and we owe you a great debt of

thanks for a job well done.

I am really proud and fortunate to be a neighbor to such good and intelligent

people who are willing to serve their community so well.

Howard Gill