Princess Anne Hills Annual Meeting Minutes 2013

Meeting called to order at 3:07pm by John Wilson.

A moment of silence was shared for the passing of long-time resident Ann Gill.

Pete and John 2 yrs

Beth and Molly 2 yrs

David Ware

Kate Michaels

Scott Bleakley

N VB Civic League - Brian Murden president, Mike Byrnes our Rep, John on board at large member

Approximately 20 members

Thanked people for the functions - Christmas Party - Garden Club, Tina, Sally, Kate, and Beth and Bill O'Connor

Picnic - Bob Smith and Michelle Laborde

Board met, discussed what interests us and what we need to know about. Almost anything we do to our properties on water is affected by regulations. Wanted the city and a private person to talk about what you have to do when doing something to the property. Unable to find a city person, but do have Jarrod Katzer from WPL. Q&A at the end.


8 step process that we deal with

Facts about the Bay

Tschiswapeki - Great Shell Fish Bay

Chesepioke -

Chesapeake Bay Watershed covers 64,000 sq miles, largest estuary in the US, 2nd largest in the world,

Includes 6 states

Promulgated at Fed level, regulated state level, enforced local level

Estuary is where salt water meets fresh water - this is why such a variety of life

meteor strike 35M years ago thought to be the beginning of the bay as we know it.

Pollutants trying to manage:



pathogens - bacteria and viruses

toxins - pesticides, oils, metals


Process CBPA

1.Obtain a topo survey

physical features on the site

add trees and shrubs for CBPA one, also shows Resource Protected Area, the 100 ft buffer that the CBPA enforces

2. Master Plan

ideas to makes changes on paper - shows everything you are doing at the start

don't want to change mind later

submit a PPR - provision request

Chesapeake Bay Board or administrative approval at this point

Gaining a CBPA variance - what to ddo with site and what is environmental impact to site

Always approve with conditions

Timeline - June 5th submit, hearing 4th Monday of July. City staff would visit in between.

Continue planning the site. Final conditions adopted next meeting in August.

We prepare a graphic plan. How much? $1,500-$10,000

Typical conditions:

Pre-Construction Meeting

Dual 36" erosion and sedimentation control mesures (orange fences)

Construction limits to minimize impact to site

Rip-rap revetment - bulkhead revetment - JPA joint permit application - 4 organizations that you need permission for. Need to do this first. CBPA will mandate rip rap if you go there first.

Why better? They consider it more natural, stablizes shore long term, doesn't need to be replaced. They like the plants that grow in the rock and such.

Construction access

All stormwater treatment

Must donate to Lynnhaven Oyster Heritage Program

based on area and impact, based on new imperveous cover

Tree additions

used to be a replacement ratio, 3 to 1 or so. Now guided by Repairing Guidance Manual which recommends size and type of trees. They declare a number that they think your lot can handle. They want our yard back to a natural state. Return buffer to natural state. Guide available online.

Can I cut a tree in my front yard? Work with city inspector but they may ask for several trees in its place. If in 100 ft they care, but city adds another 100ft and 'to top of bank'. If lot less than 3 acres, lot is subject to this. If you just do it, likely one of your neighbors will report it. But natural disasters generally an exception.

City manager can bypass the system.

Docks are different JPA is all you need. City website probably has the requirements. JPA application in their search engine. JPA not needed for floating dock? Yes. WPL has an expert on this. Make sure you aren't taking up too much space.

They do try to account for what will grow in conditions. You can try and some just die and they know this.

Perception of lack of parity in the neighborhood - he has heard of this too, more generally. Is there anything we can do to get the city to be more fair? We aren't the first to bring it up publicly, they hear it all the time. Administrative variance definitely favoritism with the bureaucrats.

We think a federal audit might be in order and that there is fraud going on, not just favoritism.

He says city was recently audited by CPBA. Vote for city council by finding out what people are voting for. Scott tried to get an opinion from Jim Wood and heard nothing from him.

Ask the city when they are available. Add a meeting so they can come and speak to us.

If we go to city and ask to more equally enforce things, they are going to tighten regs on the next person that applies.

Meet with city staff that makes these recommendations and see what they say. THen request mike time at a city council meeting or a bay board meeting.

Back to the presentation

Development Service Center (DSC) site plan - this is what tells you what you will do.

Survey and pre-construction plan - erosion and sediment control during the site constructions

Improvements and dimensions - what sq ft you are doing

Grading and drainage - where is the water going

bio retention bed is preferred method

Buffer Restoration Plan - plants needed to put in.

Comments to make adjustments, you may want to discuss with them some of these.

Eventually you get an approval letter. You don't get plans through the first time usually, get comments and then get approved. Then you can get your building permit.

Summary - go with master plan, maintain a good rapport with city staff.

Communicate with the civil inspector during the process - they are pretty jaded by people trying to change things

Bio retention bed - dig out a trench and put particular soil mixture back there so that the water stays there and you can plant in it.

We saw some projects on the screen and said thank you to him.

John took over again

Committee reports:

Read the notes and approved. Next year we will have copies for everyone so we can just do a motion to approve.

Molly report: No significant changes. Thank you for checks today.


61st pump station is complete and is connected to the other stations.

Sand replenishment started in south end, will start in North End soon.


37th st Monarch Bank was supposed to open tomorrow, now says March 8. 2-3 weeks from completion

Mid march, 32nd st should reopen

Meetings this week:

Tomorrow night LPES - HRT extention of light rail. 6-8pm

Also Thursday night at Eastern Shore Chapel 6-8/

February 28 resort parking up to 42nd st - forum 6-8pm at convention center

Please join the NE CL as well. April 16 next meeting, Historic Preservation Society - talk about the sale of the Cavalier Hotel.

Officers have been here for 2 years. We are asking for volunteers to join the board. Pete and John only allowed to serve 1 more year. No term limit on secretary and treasurer. We need someone to step up for next year.

Skateboarders - blind curve on Goodspeed and Discovery - let them know that we can't see them, especially at dusk. Many outsiders at the beginning of 62nd down the hill - Pete Mooz - sign about skateboarding? Skateboarding is allowed by city, so it isn't illegal, just ask them to use their head. There is a skate park at 19th street now.

Thank you to Bob Carter for his efforts on Goodspeed.

Kate and Jennie Ware will get some perennials this year and the civic league will pay for it. Coordinate with Goodspeed and Rob. Have it nice for Garden Tour, Wednesday April 24th.

Rake and trim, $1000 should keep it looking good year round. Grass cutting of Parcel A,  ask him how much it would take.

Motion approved to spend $1,000 on landscaping sign areas.

New Business:

Pete Mooz - 31 yrs in PAH, never this much flooding until 3 years ago. Why?

Adding jetties on Lynnhaven Inlet to keep waterway open in papers.

When they dredged under the Lynnhaven bridge, they let more water in and the water does not go out now. So what used to be a 3ft rise is now a 7-9 ft rise.

Affects Goodspeed, Susan Constant and Discovery.

The jetties are going to make it worse and apparently they don't need any approval at all to do this.

In 1961 they excavated where lake Susan Constant is to replenish beaches after storm. Even thought it is 60ft deep, now it overflows into the park and meadow, water in there all the time now at 2-3 ft. Can we ask someone to study this and do some water control so we can let the water out. It is affecting us just when it rains now.

Dredging of boat ramp on 64th street allowed more water to come up in the lowlands on Susan Constant.

More and more water! No approval process or public notice given.

Problem is that when some are affected we are all affected affects the values in the neighborhood.

He has discussed with an attorney and knows that people affected have been damaged. Bringing it to our attention. Would be nice to take some action. talk to Mr. Wood?

John - do a synapsis of the major concerns, then we can ask to meet with the city about this?

We will likely try to have another meeting before summer to discuss these issues more in depth.

Kathy - Garden tour Wed April 24th, their house will be on display. Should we let the people know on Goodspeed ask people to be cooperative. Flyer to Goodspeed residents. Then I can email people.

Vote officers in.

Meeting adjourned -