Princess Anne Hills Civic League

2014 Annual Meeting Minutes

Sunday February 9th at the ARE

Meeting was called to order at 3:08 by President Pete Pearson

Minutes read and approved from 2013 meeting

Treasurer’s Report – Took in $2,890 in dues and spent $2,938

We have $22,059 in the bank.

The main additional expense was the summer party hosted by the Bleakley’s.

This was a well attended event and achieved the goal of building neighborhood cohesiveness.

There has been a lot of talk in the neighborhood about rising water levels. It is difficult to say what is from Global Warming and increased storm activity versus some of the dredging that has gone on at the Lesner Bridge. Neighbors on Susan Constant have noted new flooding from the park in recent years.

There are also upcoming changes to flood insurance and requirements to get an elevation certificate. The city wouldn’t send a rep because it was a conflict of interest.

On that note, we have Billy Almond from WPL to speak to us.


Pete asked me to speak to flooding, Erik asked me to speak to the issue of zoning and what architectural review has accomplished in the North End.

So I have slides from two presentations that cover these areas.

First the NE Civic League and Zoning

The league was formed to deal with Parking, the expansion of Holly Rd, locating an elementary school in the neighborhood and hotels.

Basically they fought everything and the city was not fond of them.

They have been able to turn their image around by forming an architectural review committee to help deal with the zoning issues that face the North End and having builders make amendments to their plans to allow for more green space, more buffer before going to a third floor, and reduction in impervious cover, which has helped the Atlantic Ave flooding issue.

In the NE, 2 units are permitted on a lot and that isn’t changing.

Much of the North end is zoned R5R or R7, so the lot size is 5,000sqft or 7,000 sqft

Our neighborhood is R20, so max of 20,000sqft.

Our neighborhood has changed over time to have more impervious cover which gives the rainwater no place to go.

There was more history about things they tried to change and failed (increase the building area ratio from 35%-40%, blend the third floors and define living v. free space). The Tidewater Builders Association opposed any of their changes.

More recently they have gone after garages with non-conforming uses and tried to get back to the Old Beach District design guidelines

He recommends going to to see any zoning or flood zone or other things you are interested in for your property.


Here are the issues that I got from the city:

The streets are problems

The city installed flappers for drains and residents called to have them removed because they caused flooding into the yards.

There is a new flood plain, generally what used to be +6 needs to be +7.

VIMS forecasts that sea level could rise 18-30” in the next 30 years.

This neighborhood was a maritime forest, so it is difficult to do work because of all the tree roots.

If we want to raise the roads, each person must agree to sell and easement to the city to do the work.

It took them 2 years to negotiate with the neighbors at the beginning of Goodspeed to do that project. It involved maybe 5 houses.

They really don’t want to go through that again.


They would like the neighbors to decide as a united group what to do. If we have questions we can call Rebecca Lane at 385-4131

If your flood zone changes and now you are in a new flood zone and you think you are not, you can have someone come out and survey for a letter of map amendment (LOMA) and you give it to FEMA to reduce your rates.

Any new building or additions will now have to be 2 ft above the flood line rather than 1.


1. Does storm water drain into the bay? Yes There was a discussion of TMDL – the daily load of pollutants and VB is in violation of new federal laws and figuring out how to improve things, but the construction and farm industries are fighting it.

2. Flood water getting stuck in our neighborhood is a bigger issue than flooding due to the increase in impervious cover. Has the city considered a flood gate with the Lesner Bridge project? No, not that he knows of.

3. If your neighbor’s flood zone changes will yours necessarily? No. If you are a 8 or a 9 you should be good.

4. How much is it to get a flood certificate? $250-500.

5. Can you raise your bulkhead? They can allow 6”-1ft of fill when they approve these things.

Thanks to Billy Almond and Associate

Back to Pete and Meeting Business

Thank Donna and Scott for their social – over 100 people attended

Thanks Molly and those who helped with the picnic – over 100 people attended, past numbers were around 80.

We are hiring Liam Brackman again to mow parcel A. He kept it in great shape and we thank him.

We propose amending the By-Laws of the Civic League to add 3 at-large members to increase the size of the board. We already have a President, VP, Secretary, Treasurer, 3 street captains and now 3 at-large members if we approve the motion.

Motion was made, seconded and passed.

Our officer slate for the coming year is:

President – Erik Zimmerman

Vice President – Kate Michaels

Vice President for Social Affairs – Scott Bleakley

Secretary – Beth Kulas

Treasurer – Molly Ford

Goodspeed Captain – Steve Bennis

Discovery Area Captain – Clare Richels

Susan Constant Captain – David Ware

At large – Michelle Laborde, Mike Byrne and Pete Pearson

Motion, seconded and unanimously passed

Questions for Pete

1.Can we send a warning about kids playing in the street and the skateboarders again. The signs at the side of the road are fine, but they shouldn’t be in the road and kids shouldn’t be encouraged to play in the middle of the street.

2.What is happening with the park? There is a NE group meeting with the new superintendent of the park to work on the access issues.

3.Small speed bumps were mentioned, but Scott, who has looked into this issue, said we won’t get them. The neighbors all need to agree on them.

4.Neighborhood Watch – the North End is using a website called ‘The Next Door.’ You can find them and sign up at They have included PAH as part of their area. This allows you to put anything weird you see on the computer (in addition to dialing 911 if there is suspicious activity). There is also a place for lost animals, babysitters and the like.

The website wants your name, address and email. Scott mentioned that sites like this are after your information, but if that is all you are sharing, it is likely out there anyway depending on how sensitive you are to privacy. Pete and Erik have both put themselves on it and seem to think it is a good idea.

Brian Murden noted people might want to put up No Trespassing and/or No Soliciting signs to discourage some things we have seen recently.

5.Should we post a neighborhood watch sign? It doesn’t really encourage the police to patrol more, but communication between neighbors is always good.

6.When is the directory coming out? Next week, we used this meeting to get one last round of corrections.

7.Almost all the streets in the North End have been repaved except Goodspeed. Can we expect them to repave us soon? We don’t know. Sounds like something for the street captain to look into.

8.Crystal Lake – What do people think of an effort to change it to Crystal Bay, which more accurately describes what it is and makes it sound like a bigger body of water to people looking to move to the area from out of town. We can get City Council to change the name as they own the lake, then NOAA would have to change it on the map. There was discussion pro and con doing this. Scott Bleakley has a petition to make it happen if you are interested in signing.

9.Would anyone want to do an Easter Egg Hunt? Sounds fun, but I have heard of no one volunteering to help. There are Hunts at First Presbytarian and the Princess Anne Country Club. It might still make a nice neighborhood event. Perhaps a teen needing community service hours would like to take on organizing such an event.

Introduced Erik as our new President

Erik thanked Pete for years of service to the PAH Civic league board

He outlined a brief agenda


Environment – street scape. For example clean out by Whitehaven and Discovery, maybe add wood rails around the corner there like we now have at the beginning of Goodspeed


Next Door or a better website for us to share community information where we could get real time answers from the city on issues

The meeting adjourned at 4:45 and we enjoyed refreshments