Princess Anne Hills Civic League

2015 Annual Meeting Minutes

June 28, 2015

VP Kate called to order at 4:10pm at the ARE.


Next year we plan to return to the usual February date.

Read minutes from last meeting and approved.

Treasury: $14,883.51 is current balance

Spend most of our $ on signs and landscaping


59th street curve

to lower the speed limit, we need the majority of neighbors, probably won’t happen.

People just need to stop, we are our own problem for the most part.

Put down your phone until you get home.

Steve Bennis – the city added a Dead End sign on the curve for 59th/Goodspeed

A polite reminder to neighbors should work.

A speed gun might remind your neighbors, Scott volunteers

The little guys in the street are helping people

Bird Neck Point has a $200 fine in the beginning of their neighborhood -= that is what they got after lots of efforts with their speed study.

Motion made to send a note to neighbors specifically about speeding.

It passed

Put it in the bulletin, show that we care, do a printed bulletin.

Bulky item pick up can be done online, please request it before you put stuff out.


Do a newcomer party every year?

Bay Colony Dues are $20, North End $15

Can costs be cut?

Executive decision was made to spend on large cost item

Do we have a budget?


Is our rep involved? Jim Wood laughs at us for this kind of stuff

Should we pester the city?

There isn’t enough traffic to justify them doing anything

Dredging: Can we earmark money for dredging?

Lets have a budget to approve at the next meeting

The members will authorize it

Additional expenditures will require approval of the board.

There was a motion to keep the dues at $30. 13 agreed and 7 were against.

The picnic is September 13th at Parcel A

Board meetings are the second Tuesday of the quarter, so June, October, etc, for this year.

Mike thanks Pete and Louise Pearson for their years of service to the neighborhood and wished them well on their upcoming move.

Peter Mooz mentioned “lake Susan Constant” and was going to write a letter about it and cc the secretary.

Bob Carter offered to go around and help collect dues from neighbors.

He also stated that landscaping costs $1,000 per year

Meeting Adjourned at 5:05pm