Dear Neighbors,

We had a very good turn out at the 2016 Annual meeting held Sunday, February 21st at the Princess Anne Country Club. Thank you to those in attendance for a lively discussion about several topics of interest to residents. It’s clear that a rising number of new neighbors in recent years is resulting in increased involvement in the Civic League, which is a welcomed sight! Thank you Erik Zimmerman for making arrangements for us to meet at the PACC and for all that you have done for the Civic League and this neighborhood as President this past term.

The Nominating Committee invested a great deal of consideration and time to install a Board of Directors that is a strong representation of the neighborhood. Our By-laws have been successfully amended with your votes of approval to haveup to 4 At-Large positions, bringing our Board to eleven potential positions. This will allow us to bring more neighbors into the Civic League in the future and keepit healthy and current with the needs of Princess Anne Hills. After this amendment was approved at the Annual meeting, we were then able to vote on and approve our Civic League Board of Officers and Directors for 2016-17 as follows:

President- Kate Michaels

Vice President- David Ware

Secretary- Beth Kulas

Treasurer-Molly Ford

Street Representatives-

Susan Constant- Kyle Korte

Discovery- Tom Johnson

Goodspeed- Kari Jacobs


Mike Byrnes

Bob Carter

Michelle Laborde

Erik Zimmerman

Thank you to everyone who has agreed to serve on the Board this year. We would also like to thank those of you who filled these positions and devoted their time and talents, some for several years, and are leaving us after this past term.

I am grateful for your trust in me to serve as President this year. It is my intention that we establish an open line of communication and for the Board to share news and information via a newsletter after each of our meetings. I also intend to keep you informed of any issues or happenings in the greater community that may directly or indirectly impact our neighborhood. Of course this is a group effort for all of us.

Should you have an issue or concern, your Street Representative is your first line of communication with the Board. Please submit your issue in writing to them at east two weeks prior to scheduled Board meetings to allow time for fact-gathering and for its addition to the meeting’s agenda. Your Street Rep will contact you with questions or clarifications, communicate your concerns to the Board and update you with what resolution they know or learn, respectively. If your issue or concern is not fully addressed in this effort, next steps will be taken for the Board to meet with you for further discussion. If at any time there is a specific issue that concerns several of our neighbors and/or is of an urgent matter, a special meeting may be called if necessary. As stated in our By-laws, we would be required to give two weeks notice of the meeting to all residents and state the particular issue to be discussed.

We have tentatively scheduled meetings and neighborhood events per the calendar below. It is certainly hard to think this far ahead and we may end up revising this calendar to some degree. We will update you with these changes through email, on the website and in the newsletter.



PAHCL- March Quarterly Board Meeting

NVBCL- (North Virginia Beach Civic League) meetings, 3rd Tuesday at 7:30 PM, 67th street, A.R.E. library-

April 19, 2016  PAHCL- June Quarterly Board Meeting

NVBCL- July 19, 2016

Fall Picnic- Parcel A, Sunday, September 11, 2016 at 5 PM  (Rain date -Sept. 18th)

NVBCL- October 18, 2016

Halloween Party- Neighbor planned event (falls on a Monday, October 31, 2016)

PAHCL- November Quarterly Board Meeting

PAHGC- Garden Club Holiday Party, TBA (usually 1st Sunday in December)

PAHCL- January Quarterly Board Meeting

PAHCL Annual meeting- Sunday, February 12, 2017 at A.R.E. at 3 PM  Speaker TBD


***2016 Quarterly Newsletter***

We are currently searching for someone who is well versed in WordPress to help us establish a template for the newsletter. If anyone is willing to help with this endeavor, please reach out to Beth Kulas at

The Minutes of the Annual meeting on February 21, 2016 are attached and you will also find them on our website: . You will find other helpful information there as well and we will continue the process to keep it current. Also, if you have not already done so, please be sure to pay this year’s dues of $30. Make checks payable to PAHCL and deliver to Treasurer, Molly Ford- 424 Susan Constant Dr.

We did have one revision to our Minutes of the Annual Meeting regarding the statement concerning the deploying of EMS fire trucks and emergency vehicles within the neighborhood during storm and flooding conditions. We did not want to give anyone a false sense of security that they were stationed here in the

neighborhood during such emergency events. The correction is as follows:

To clarify operational plans, we spoke to Lieutenant Chiaradia of the Virginia Beach Rescue Squad (stationed at our local Station 14) along with John Bianco, Division Chief with the Department of Emergency Medical Services. They both confirmed that Emergency Planning would not include parking an ambulance or fire truck at the end of Goodspeed Rd. during flooding events because of the need for emergency vehicles to be available for all areas of Virginia Beach. Additionally, both EMS representatives confirmed there are no vehicles available in the city capable of forging through more than approximately four feet of flood waters. However, marine rescues are planned for and zodiac boats are kept in close proximity to known flood areas to be deployed for emergency calls, so we are covered in the case of an emergency during such an event. It is important to be aware that if there is a mandatory evacuation in place and you choose to stay, rescue teams would not be responsible for you if something were to happen.

One final note: We are working on a complete answer regarding our Covenants. A timely response was requested and our preliminary findings show that the Covenants are enforceable. At this time, we are taking the necessary steps to explore and research more thoroughly.

Please look for an update on this and other items from the Annual Meeting Agenda after the Board has had an opportunity to meet and review further. We are looking forward to the year ahead.


Kate Michaels